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Comic 411, Meet the Crew, Extra Coins, Links of the Litter

Sep 14, 2006
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Yo, sorry I haven't updated for awhile. Computer trouble can be the pain in the arse, I swear. If its not the scratch disks, its the virtual memory, and if its not that then its something clogging up my computer and keeping the programs from running. But I finally got it cleared out, plus got a whole new batch of comics drawn during the hiatus and ready to be posted. Were almost nearing the finish line of this chapter, so hang tight and enjoy =). 6/12/06
Ah post A-kon, twas fun. Definently didn't expect to see the dude who played Chewbacca there, coolness. Also was cool meeting Josh Leswick (creator of Wendy, CuteWendy and Giry) again and Snafu-Dave not to mention other great artist around the Dallas area. Hopefully next year I'll have a table of my own to showcase my work, but hey it alway fun being an artist on the outside looking in. Anywho, next Kon, AnimeFest though that won't be till September. Ah well nothing to do but creating mor Infamous till then. Till next update. ^_^.
Hi-llo good people. Yup, I finally got around to updating in the midst of job hunting. Sorry to make you wait like that. Nothing really new to report other then theres some brand new links in the Links of the Litter page (YOSH!) and I'll be attending the A-Kon convention in Dallas as just one the anime loving patriots on Friday and Saturday, though I might be passing out some flyers or trading sketches. If your in the area and are curious what I look like. Just look for the dude with the brown "Boss" shirt on. Other then that, enjoy the new updates and I'll check ya later.

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